Environmental Epidemiology


Current Topics

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Lida Chatzi, MD, PhD

Professor in Population and Public Health Sciences

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Erika Garcia, PhD

Professor in Population and Public Health Sciences

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Rob McConnell, MD

Professor in Population and Public Health Sciences

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Jesse Goodrich, PhD

Professor in Population and Public Health Sciences

Environmental Health

Students & Post-Docs

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Brittney Baumert, PhD, MPH | Post-Doc

Brittney’s current research is focused on environmental and genetic factors and their interactions in relation to the disruption of metabolic pathways such as Type 2 diabetes in pediatric and young adult populations, as well as using metabolomic measures to understand the underlying biological mechanisms of these relationships.

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Nikos Stratakis, PhD | Post-Doc

Nikos is involved in large European and US collaborative projects to shed light on the effects of early-life exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and diet on metabolic dysfunction, obesity, and NAFLD.

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Liz Costello, MPH | PhD Student

Liz is a PhD student at USC, and is currently working on PFAS exposure and liver injury. She has experience in nutritional epidemiology and is interested in the relationships between environmental exposures, obesity, and malnutrition.

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Hailey Hampson, MS | PhD Student

In her time as a doctoral student at USC, Hailey has conducted research on infant and early life nutrition and metabolic health outcomes. Her current research focuses on dietary and environmental exposures and their association with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, mediated by the gut microbiome as a potential mechanistic link.


Carmen Chen, MPH | PhD Student

Carmen received her B.S. in Nursing at Peking University. During her undergraduate study, she has conducted research in maternal and child health. Carmen’s current research focuses on persistent organic pollutants, biomarkers of oxidative stress, and proteomics.


Sarah Rock, MPH | PhD Student

Sarah completed her MPH at NYU School of Global Health with a focus on Environmental Epidemiology. She is interested in the influence of PFAS exposure on metabolic health outcomes and infertility.


Shudi Pan, ScM | PhD Student

Shudi received her ScM of environmental health from Johns Hopkins University and is currently a first-year PhD student in epidemiology at USC. She is interested in endocrine disrupting chemicals and the application of mixture methods in environmental epidemiology.


Emily Beglarian, MPH | PhD Student

Emily’s current research focus is environmental exposures and their impact on the musculoskeletal system in humans. Emily is a member of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health and serves on the board of the Graduate Society for Biostatistics and Epidemiology at USC.

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Hongxu Wang | Statistician

Hongxu received her MS in statistics at Iowa State University and is currently working as a statistician in epidemiology at USC. Hongxu’s current work focuses on data management, applying biostatistics methods to analyze research data and address research questions.