Environmental Epidemiology


Current Topics

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Environmental Health

Students & Post-Docs

Brittney Baumert, PhD, MPH | Post-Doc

Brittney’s current research is focused on environmental and genetic factors and their interactions in relation to the disruption of metabolic pathways such as Type 2 diabetes in pediatric and young adult populations, as well as using metabolomic measures to understand the underlying biological mechanisms of these relationships.

Jesse Goodrich, PhD | Post-Doc

Jesse’s current research focuses on using metabolomic measures to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the relationship between exposure to persistent organic chemicals and susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults.

Nikos Stratakis, PhD | Post-Doc

Nikos is involved in large European and US collaborative projects to shed light on the effects of early-life exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and diet on metabolic dysfunction, obesity, and NAFLD.


Liz Costello, MPH | PhD Student

Liz is a PhD student at USC, and is currently working on PFAS exposure and liver injury. She has experience in nutritional epidemiology and is interested in the relationships between environmental exposures, obesity, and malnutrition.